Quality Policy and Our Values

Quality Policy and Our Values



     In order to make Limakport conscious about its responsibilities to the environment, community, customers and employees        and a leading Turkish port in the   services sector with technology and quality;

By the leadership, effective management, communication and awareness training equipment, participation of employees and to ensure continuity of quality services by providing domestic and foreign customer satisfaction and meeting customer needs and expectations,

Minimizing exposure to accidents at work and creating a safe working environment,

Minimizing the risks of occupational diseases, injuries and property damage causing risks, minimizing risks of accidents and providing services in strict compliance with environmental, occupational health and safety arrangements pertinent to national and international legislations and ensure customer’s satisfaction by providing appropriate services compatible with the legislations and contributing to the well-being of the society,

Along with the increasing working potential, making working environment and working conditions to a healthier and safer standard for our employees and making employee satisfaction surveys to create an environment where they feel happier for working with us,

Ensuring continuity of the Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety Management System,

Reducing potential risks and waste at the source, reusing of the occurring wastes or recycling them and share our works we do with our employees or our customers, our suppliers and the community and protect the world and environment we are living in,

Being a team of employees capable to correct problems and share the achievements,

Working to improve competitiveness and profitability by providing training and support to subcontractors,

Putting our port’s technical and operational structure in the foreground of the Turkish Maritime Sector,

     Are the duties of all LimakPort’s directors and employees.

    Taking measures and making sustainable developments to inherit our natural wealth to the future generations is our                     indispensable principle as guarantee of the future.


Please see below for our ISO and OHSAS certificates:



We are; 
•Trained, skilled, hardworking
•Honest and committed to the company
•Continuously improving
•Respectful to each other
•Carrying the spirit of team working
•Standing firm on quality
•Protecting the prestige of the company all the time
•Open to learning and innovation
•Committed to the decisions and the objectives of the company
•Respectful to the environment
•Fast decision makers within the flexible and horizontal organizational structure
•Confident that we shall be successful within every sector we take place.