Integrated Management System Policy

Integrated Management System Policy



Integrated Management System Policy :

As LİMAK İskenderun Uluslararası Liman İşletmeciliği A.Ş, with the awareness of our responsibility to all interested parties, we aim meet the needs and expectations of our customers while ensuring the highest level of satisfaction, to adapt to the developments in the world as a leading implementer and add further strength to our brand with our competitive port services and innovative technologies in both the national and international markets.

In order to achieve this goal, in our Integrated Management System, which we created, implemented and maintained by considering our corporate values in line with our strategic direction, we commit

  • To manage our processes with targets and effective controls in line with our strategic objectives;
  • To comply with the requirements of standards and Company principles, especially the requirements of primary and secondary legislation in force,
  • To adopt Occupational Health and Safety and environmental protection as our top priority principle; to create a healthy and safe working environment and to eliminate and/or reduce the environmental impact of our activities;
  • To eliminate our work-related hazards with a proactive approach and to take the necessary actions to reduce our OHS risks, to follow the results,
  • To carry out our activities in accordance with our sustainability principles in order to leave a livable environment to future generations, to fulfill our duty to prevent pollution and protect the environment by taking the necessary measures such as energy saving, prevention of waste of natural resources, reduction of waste and recycling of waste,
  • To ensure and manage all necessary resources sustainably;
  • To implement, support, encourage continuous improvement in our activities and make a sustainable contribution to society
  • To ensure the active participation of all our employees in our organization in management systems, while maintaining our effective and constantly evolving systems and activities;
  • To raise awareness of our employees, subcontractors and customers through trainings, raise awareness and develop their behavior in a positive way;
  • In light of all these matters, to make a sustainable contribution to the economy of the region and country with our port services and employment power

Customer Satisfaction Management System Policy :

As LİMAK İskenderun Uluslararası Liman İşletmeciliği A.Ş, our essential principle is, which as stated in our quality policy, customer needs and expectations in accordance with the LimakPort Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety Management System standards; consistently, on time is to ensure customer satisfaction.

Continuous improvement of our port activities and ensuring customer satisfaction; General Business In our principles and our essence; is founded on our values of honesty, moral integrity and respect for human beings. Customer suggestions and complaints are managed within the framework of these values; One of the primary priorities of our Company is to evaluate it systematically and professionally, in accordance with legal requirements, in a fair and impartial manner with a customer-oriented perspective. In parallel with the needs and expectations of our customers, we continue to raise our service quality to the highest level with open to change and innovative working methods.

To our customers; We provide clear and obvious information on time, without any charge request, keeping personal information confidential. In line with the principle of transparency, our company presents all access channels to our customers in an clear and obvious manner, and we provide feedback to our customers in line with the determined target times.

Training of our employees will continue in order to turn the feedback and complaints we receive into value-creating opportunities to improve our products and activities, to effectively manage our customer satisfaction processes and to realize our goals. By ensuring that all employees are included in this process, necessary personnel and resources for effective Customer Satisfaction Management will be kept ready for use. our customers' products and By measuring their satisfaction with our services, we continue our continuous and systematic improvement activities as a result.

As LimakPort; In our Customer Satisfaction and Feedback- Complaint Management processes, we undertake to continue our activities in accordance with the standards stated in principles above, in accordance with legal requirements and legislation.


Please see below for our ISO certificates:



We are; 
•Trained, skilled, hardworking
•Honest and committed to the company
•Continuously improving
•Respectful to each other
•Carrying the spirit of team working
•Standing firm on quality
•Protecting the prestige of the company all the time
•Open to learning and innovation
•Committed to the decisions and the objectives of the company
•Respectful to the environment
•Fast decision makers within the flexible and horizontal organizational structure
•Confident that we shall be successful within every sector we take place.


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